Getting the most out of your EAP

As detailed in the buyer’s guide to EAPs by the US Employee Assistant Professionals Association (see also this description of EAPs), a quality EAP should provide a 24/7 crisis hotline, confidential assessment and counselling services, referral support, critical incident response service, EAP orientation for all employees, manager training on manager referrals with training support materials, promotion of EAP awareness among employees, annual EAP utilization reports, programme and client satisfaction evaluation.

EAP services should provide access to qualified clinical professionals who adhere to professional ethical standards and guarantee confidential record keeping. Timely responses to manager-referrals and punctual feedback on EAP utility, programme evaluation, and satisfaction further distinguish quality EAPs.

Evident in the EAP pricing per head cited in a UK buyer’s guide to EAP, it’s clear that you get what you pay for. Comprehensive EAPs which offer on-site counselling, critical incident response services, EAP orientation for all employees, and manager/supervisor training, as well as the ubiquitous 24/7 emergency hotline and referral support, will deliver a quality service which promotes awareness and utility of EAP services among employees.

And as we know, accessibility to EAP services, particularly EAPs which focus on preventive measures through mental wellness talks and online resources, is key to helping employees effectively deal with stress in both the professional and personal arena (Azzone, McCann, Merrick, Hiatt, Hodgkin, & Horgan, 2009; Yu, Lin, & Hsu, 2009).


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