Whole grains, fruits, and veggies

Clearly, whole grains are plentiful in the city—this list is evidence enough—but perhaps your recreational pastime is tweeting pictures of your delicious lunch while keeping up with the hip and cool. In which case, you might want to consider the whole grain options at these places. The all-inspiring fruits and veggies at these cafes should also receive no less attention from you.

In the city:

  1. The Plain Cafe | 50 Craig Road
    There’s nothing like a massive bowl of fresh fruit with a dollop of yoghurt and muesli with a neat espresso to get your day started.
  2. Sarnies | 136 Telok Ayer Road
    If you can manage an awesomely early lunch, you can get the salmon-scrambled-egg on rye bread (on the breakfast menu till 11am) and skip the lunch queue which moseys along quickly enough.
  3. Simply Sandwich | 120 Robinson Road
    You can’t go wrong with a nicely toasted sandwich of roast beef and hot mustard on rye.
  4. Nick Vina Artisan Bakery | 15 Gopeng St
    After a hide and seek game with Icon village, paprika salami on wholewheat walnut bread will be a welcome treat. Black forest ham engulfed by balsamic mustard and nine grain cereal bread could also be an invigorating snack for the arduous trek back to the office.
  5. SPR MRKT | 2 McCallum St
    The carrot-fennel soup and an almost salad nicoise—hard-boiled egg, french beans, black olives, salad greens—in the form of a tuna penne salad here will keep your micronutrient needs topped up.
  6. Sophie Bakery | 167/169 Telok Ayer St
    Rustic breads with rye offer a wholesome change from refined loafs.
  7. Baker and Cook | 38A Martin Road
    While waiting to get your fill of the red and green veggies in the chorizo-filled spanish omelette at the flagship store in Hillcrest, a quick peek at the breads might end with you going home ladened with a multigrain bread, or a fig-aniseed sourdough for the more adventurous.
  8. Selfish Gene Cafe | 40 Craig Road
    The weekend breakfast B.O.B. helps you attain your whole grain quota with multigrain bread, along with the requisite poached eggs, smoked salmon, and lacy greens.

A bit further afield:

  1. The Bread Project | 174 Joo Chiat Road
    The homesick will want a German rye filled with fragrant caraway, but it’s not for everyone. More prosaic choices include the pain au cereal which has rye, oats, millet, brown flaxseed, and sunflower seeds.
  2. Simply Bread | 1 Fifth Ave
    At Guthrie House, the Ploughman’s awaits those who appreciate mature cheddar with pickle on sourdough whole grains.
  3. Kooka Cafe | 18 Purvis St
    This well balanced caesar salad with a generous portion of romaine lettuce and bacon with fresh croutons and light dressing will keep you going for the whole day. It’s well worth the trek there.
  4. Choupinette | 607 Bukit Timah Road
    Pain à l’ancienne which has rye comes highly recommended.

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