Staying well — it’s not just physical!

We’re biased to think of health in terms of physical health. So it’s natural that physical activity and healthy eating are the current buzz for anyone and everyone who is promoting workplace health in their organization.

We’re being fed healthier food choices (Business Times, 7 Dec 2012) and deflected away from the top 5 most unhealthy hawker foods (Men’s Health, 25 August 2013). Unpolished rice is going places — it’s being consumed not just at hospital canteens but food courts. Posters with healthy lifestyle messages are on loudspeaker at your breezy and sprawly neighbourhood playground, West Coast Park. Corporate sports programmes recently gained street cred: IS magazine recently featured a few creative solutions to the problem of promoting physical activity among office workers >> Out of Office: Corporate Fitness Trend in Singapore.

But staying healthy isn’t just having physical wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is important too!