Mental wellbeing in Singapore

A recent letter to the Straits Times forum (“Don’t neglect other group of depression sufferers”, 28 August 2013) seems a timely reminder that there is continuing need for mental health online resources to be comprehensive. A recent Straits Times article (“Tearing down barriers”, 30 August 2013) puts the topic of mental wellbeing back in the spotlight.

Efforts to promote accurate perceptions of mental health through a handbook for employers and employees on mental health developed by Silver Ribbon are a step in the right direction, while the online smorgasboard of local mental health resources by independent blogger 灰狼 comes close to a one-stop portal for the individual. A recent epidemiological study reports the prevalence of affective, anxiety, and alcohol abuse disorders in the local population, while WHO provides excellent online resources about mental health including depression.

But there’s always room for greater awareness in the local context. Even beyond annual corporate efforts to raise awareness about mental health in conjunction with World Mental Health Day which is on 10 October 2013.


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