Getting organized for Chinese New Year!

Getting ready for festivities

Getting ready for New Year celebrations need not be a stressful experience. Staying organized with this “To Do” list will keep you keep your cool as you prepare for this big occasion. That should leave you with plenty for time for rejuvenating, celebrating, and relaxing!

Six weeks before (before Christmas)

  • Think about what you’ll wear on New Year’s Day!
  • Clean up and clear out the clutter so you’ll have less to clean.
  • Donate unwanted but still useable things to the Salvation Army or thrift shop.

One month before (before New Year’s Eve)

  • Discuss and delegate “spring-cleaning” duties amongst members of the family.
  • Clear out your freezer in preparation of all the foods to be stored for the reunion dinner.
  • Make table reservations (if not having reunion dinner at home).
  • Start collecting uncreased notes for red packets.

2 weeks before

  • Buy cleaning detergents you’ll need.
  • Replenish the canned and dried goods and other household items that you’ll need for the coming weeks.
  • Stock up on fizzy and packet drinks for guests.
  • Buy all the foods which can be frozen for the reunion dinner if you’re making it at home.
  • Buy your Chinese New Year cookies, bak gua, melon and pumpkin seeds, and persimmon.
  • Make your pineapple jam and bake your cookies!
  • Mail your Chinese New Year greeting cards.

1 week before

  • Time to activate your “spring-cleaning” team.
  • Discuss New Year Day’s visit plans with the (extended) family.
  • Buy your plants and decorations.
  • Buy oranges!

Three days before

  • Prepare your red packets.
  • Pull out your game consoles, karaoke DVDs, movies, children’s puzzles and books, card games, majong table, and chess pieces.

Two days before

  • Buy fresh flowers and fruits.
  • Buy fresh produce for the reunion dinner (if you’re cooking it!).
  • Iron out your New Year Day’s fineries.
  • Pack your oranges into bags.

The Eve

  • Start your cookathon.
  • Sweep your floors and tidy your bins.
  • Get the family to help set the table.
  • Charge your camera batteries.
  • Sit down and enjoy your reunion dinner with your family!