Happy Children’s Day!

Wishing you a very happy children’s day!

Happy Children's Day!

While your children are enjoying their concert and their teachers are basking in the glory of a half-day before this school holiday, you might be tempted to get your children to maximize this day with assessment book homework and their multiplication timetables. But why not take time out to enjoy the fresh air, smell the flowers, and catch up on sleep.

Research suggests that sleep is essential for academic performance. Given that sleep helps us maintain our cognitive functioning, from our memory abilities, decision making to problem solving capacity, it’s important for all in the family to get adequate rest. More so for children. A 2010 meta-analysis of 17 studies showed that children and teenagers who reported feeling sleep (during school hours) were those with poorer academic performance. A 2012 study of medical students also demonstrated that those who experienced and reported feeling more stress during the pre-exam period, and had poorer sleep (fewer hours of sleep too) before their exams, performed more poorly than their better-rested peers. So enjoy those extra hours in bed!