Talking to your teen

Talking to your teen

It’s the start of a new year, and a chance to start afresh. Along with making new New Year resolutions to eat healthy, exercise more, work smart, sleep well, and party less, maybe one of your resolutions was to engage in better communications with your family, specifically your children.

One of the challenges facing parents in this day and age is that the unfashionable problems of substance and alcohol use issues persist today while newfangled problems of online gaming addictions have surfaced and are likely to stay for a while. But just as there are national hotlines to help grown-ups address their own problems, there are a number of resources to help children, as well as to help parents provide the right direction for their children:

1. Local resources

  • is a chat forum for youths
  • 1800 274 4788¬†Tinkle Friend¬†Helpline for children | S’pore Children’s Society
  • 6346 9332 | Teen Challenge Youth Axis offers counselling services
  • 1800 377 2252 | Touchline offers advice on life issues
  • 6336 3434 | Youthline is a counselling hotline
  • A list of helplines for parents from NCSS (PDF)

2. Understanding addictions

3. Online gaming

4. Alcohol use

5. Substance use